There were a total of five NP01 teams at the last round of the Pacific Championship in Utah. Four of the teams competed in Spec Trim for the sprint races and all five competed in the 6 Hour endurance race on Saturday evening.

On Friday afternoon, the Nasa Prototypes were granted their very own race session. During qualifying, Clayton Magouyrk, Charles Streicher and Dave Balingit set quick times under a very small umbrella of 2:07.348, 2:07.416 and a 2:07.813. In the race, it was all Magouyrk and Streicher taking the lead for the 8 lap shootout. In the end, Striecher took the win with a 5 second margin over Magouyrk. Tony Graf, who raced last in the Prototype at Buttonwillow, brought home third.

Saturday’s race grid started in the order of Team Ice 9 Sports, Dakota Dickerson, Dave Balingit and Mason Canter. The top two qualified 1st and 2nd in the busy 56 car field. Balingit and Canter were 5th and 6th, with a pair of BMW M235R’s separating them from the top two. For the first two laps,Team Ice 9 Sports lead the way while the other three Prototypes scrambled to clear themselves of the two BMWs. A few laps into the 9 lap race, Dickerson running second, pulled into the pitlane with a small issue which the crew was able to quickly fix. As Team 9 stretched out the lead, Balingit and Canter battled switching places several times for second place until Canter spun coming onto the main straight. Dickerson was mired in the huge field and was unable to catch back up to his fellow Prototype competitors but set a blistering track record laptime of 2:04.583. The final results had Team Ice 9 taking the win with Balingit, Canter and Dickerson rounding out the field.

The six hour 6PM-Midnight endurance race was an extra treat for the NASA Prototype class. All four Spec cars competed in ENP and Team Diamond Level Motorsports ran in ESR using the Super Touring aero pieces. The race was a pleasure for some and a pain for others. Team Ice 9 Sports took the win for ENP and finished SECOND overall behind the Norma and in front of a professional Porsche Cup Car team. Team Valkyrie finsished second in ENP. Team Ice 9 (2) finished third in ENP and despite early heavy contact resulting in suspension damage, they finished 33rd overall. Just minutes prior to the race, Team NASA Rocks (Balingit / Clos Jr.) decided to try the return style fuel system as a test bed. As such they started the race 90 minutes late, but were able to put some race miles on the beta fuel system.