NASA NP01 Built by SEBECO Motorsport


Ever dreamed of piloting a prototype racer around one of America’s premier road racing circuits?

Designed from the ground up for Speed, Safety and Cost Efficient Racing, the SEBECO Motorsport NP01 breaks new ground as the first reasonably priced, single seat, closed cockpit, racecar ever produced.  Purpose built for the NASA Prototype Series, the NP01 brings real prototype style and performance to the everyday competitor at a staggeringly affordable price point.

A sleek aerodynamic body, a super strong chassis, a proven Mazda engine with a sequential gearbox are all the right ingredients for a safe, fun and easily maintained race car.

While the NP01 is definitely a great looking car, safety was the number one design criteria. The NP01 chassis is extremely strong incorporating a full roll cage and side impact protection in addition to the enclosed cockpit. The interior space is intentionally large allowing for most any size driver while increasing the margin of safety.

The NP01 is intended to minimize operating costs through innovative design. The body is produced in sections to reduce the cost of crash repairs and hardware has been standardized to limit the number of joint and fastener sizes required. Wheel bearings are inexpensive bolt in assemblies with brake rotors and pads substantially larger than typical cars in this weight category to increase life and reduce costs.

The 2.0 liter Mazda engine is one of the most raced power plants in existence offering amazing reliability and power. Couple this Mazda power to a strong Sedev 6 speed sequential gearbox and the NP01 is a racer’s dream.

235/40/17 Toyo Proxes RR tires are way more tire than a typical car this size needs, but the NP01 will definitely make great use of them. Toyo quality and performance and the aggressive sizing means excellent results with fantastic durability and drastically reduced operating costs.

NP01’s are available as completed vehicles. Kit car maybe available in the future.

Purpose built care cars are exactly that, purpose built for a specific type of racing. To this end, there are a number of options available for the NP01 making it extremely easy to prepare the car for best performance and driver comfort just the way the customer would prefer.


Available accessory options include:

  • Cool Suit System
  • Endurance Lighting Kit
  • Windscreen Demisting Kit
  • Helmet Cooling Kit
  • Quick Fuel Dry Break Kit
  • Alignment Tool Ki
  • Airjacks


With NASA offering 150+ events nationwide, there is no shortage of opportunities to put an NP01 through its paces.  From HPDE to Time Trials, or Road Races to Endurance Events, the NP01 offers the best value in racing available today.

If you would like to receive future news & updates about the NASA Prototype Series or to request more information aboutthe NP01 racecar, simply Contact NASA or call (510) 232-NASA.

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