We all want to test drive a car prior to purchasing. Why should it be any different with a race car?

The NASA/Élan NP01 is available at a variety of locations for a test session prior to your purchase. We currently have four cars located across the U.S. that are available for testing and the 20-30 minute test sessions are held in conjunction with NASA race weekends.

The cost is $500 for the session, and in certain cases, this may be able to be applied towards the purchase of a car.

The requirement to test drive the car is a competition license from a recognized sanctioning body. If you don’t have a current license but have extensive open passing track day experience, please contact NP01@DriveNasa.com for additional information.  You will need to provide your own full complement of safety gear including a certified head and neck device.

If you are interested in more than a single session in an NP01, contact one of the teams listed below for full day or full weekend rentals.

Test Drive Schedule:

Please contact NP01@DriveNasa.com to schedule a test drive. Test drives are available during most NP01 Series weekends. Please check our 2019 Schedulefor dates and locations.

NP01 Rentals:

Croiset Racing
Las Vegas, NV
(510) 221-4010

Valkyrie Autosport
Santa Cruz, CA
(831) 600-7721

Leif Peterson
Racer Motors LLC
Dallas TX